Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rent a Leaf: Enterprise Buys Nissan Leafs

Enterprise, the car rental company is purchasing 500 of the Nissan Leafs. The leafs are a purely electric car, which might make sense for some, it doesn't to me for a rental company...I can hear the customer support call right now.

Enterprise: Hello, welcome to enterprise, how may I direct your call?
Person in car: Um, yea, Uh, I am renting one of the leafs and it seems to have leafed me.
E: Ah, very interesting. Could you explain? I don't understand what you mean by leafed.
P: Well, is the same situation as when your parking meter is blinking "expired"
E: Parking meters? We don't take responsibility for parking charges.
P: I know that, its just the car has leafed, it has died it has expired.
E: You mean the car won't start?
P: You could call it that
E: Ah, so whats the meter read?
E: DOR? I don't understand that
P: Dead On Red
E: So how can I help you, it sounds like your battery is dead.
P: Exactly. I would like a running car.
E: Well, can you plug it in?
P: Sure, when I get back to my hotel
E: Where is that?
P: 96 miles away
E: Hum, thats a difficulty.
P: Yea, you said the car had a 100 mile range.
E: round trip
P: You didn't tell me that wasn't round trip
E: Yes I did, it was in the fine print.
P: You expected me to read that?
E: You signed, but enough of the small talk. We need to get you home. I will send a truck out to jump start your battery and get you on your way.
P: Jump start? Really?
E: Oh, yea...It leafed my mind about that whole...electric thing...

What is your opinion? Are electric cars a possibility? Is the Leaf worthwhile?

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