Friday, July 23, 2010

RFID Tags at Wal-Mart

The ability to check clothing stock instantaneous and would revolutionize how Wal-Mart and clothing company tracking abilities. Not only does it reduce staffing levels required to manage inventory (thus reducing cost), it will generate higher sales, since all sizes would be more likely to be available and on the shelf, instead of on a pallet in the storeroom.

I know my clothes shopping adventures (which I have few and far between), would be much more enjoyable and profitable for both me and the company if the sizes I need were available.

Is it an invasion of privacy? I think the following quote answers it concisely

"Concerns about privacy are valid, but in this instance, the benefits far outweigh any concerns," says Sanjay Sarma, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. "The tags don't have any personal information. They are essentially barcodes with serial numbers attached. And you can easily remove them."

So whats the big deal? Why are privacy groups up in arms? Would you have issues buying clothes with RFID tags attached?

In the end, consumers are going to choose either to support the RFID tags, or purchasing the clothes or not.

And as you will notice one person in the article was " director of replenishment". That is one great job title. Actually, it should be applied to all the mothers who cook for their families each day. I can see the business card now:

Mrs. Cone, Mother.
Director of Replenishment for the Howards Mill Plant

Contact info: Yell Mom, Mother, Mommy or "I'm Hungry!" to reach her.
If busy, please leave a mess, and she will get back to you.


  1. And if you leave a mess and she's feeling at all retributive, she will get back AT you.

  2. hey - that's what my dad does- he's the forecast manager - the paper industry way of saying 'director of inventory replenishment'.

  3. I used to tell people I was a domestic juvenile manager. They were always so impressed but never asked what it meant. But now it is provisions that take so much time.